Hello parents,
This is a reminder that we need your help to make the Becker campus look great for Fall Fest, and beyond. Our fall workday is this Saturday, October 27th, from 8:30am-12:30pm. We are looking for folks to help us weed and prune flowerbeds and the white house yard, to paint a wall-ball court (something new for our kids!), and to draw inspirational messages on bathroom walls and stalls inside the main building (I mean when else can you do that?!). The latter will require some amount of artistic skill/eye so please let us know if you are especially talented and/or inclined when you RSVP to campusgrounds@beckerelementary.com

If you forget to RSVP or are not sure if you can make it and suddenly find yourself free-just show up, any and everyone can help somehow!

Many thanks in advance,
Campus Grounds Committee