Hello, Becker Families!

Quick updates and helpful info…

Summer Construction is complete BUT there have been some delays with the City of Austin that have prevented our power from being reconnected by Austin Energy. As of right now, the power is still not connected, but I’m expecting it to be on by today at 3:00 PM. Becker teachers and staff are amazing and have the most positive attitudes about this situation that is beyond our control. Still, they want to have classrooms set up in a way that invites and welcomes children and families and there is no way that will happen in time for Meet the Teacher. So, we have made some changes to our Meet the Teacher event.

Meet the Teacher is still on for today from 3:30-5:00.


The following grade levels can be found in these locations tonight:

1st Grade—Cafeteria

4th Grade—Library

5th Grade—Gym

Please DO NOT bring supplies tonight. Supplies will add an extra pile of items for teachers to have to deal with as they move everything this weekend and on Monday.

Our building hallways and some classrooms will not look the way they usually do at the beginning of the year. They have spent so much time in training and prepping in other ways that I have asked them to take care of themselves this weekend and to do their best not to come in, but teachers want their rooms and the school to be ready for you all. They worry and stress about this, especially new staff members. I have assured them that they have just joined the most respectful, compassionate, empathetic, and understanding community to ever have existed and that they will get done what they get done and you all will understand. Also, thank you for being such an amazing community!

My main form of communication with you all will be through School Messenger email. You can adjust your settings to choose how you get this information. Instructions are available at this link. https://www.austinisd.org/technology/parent-cloud/schoolmessenger

If you don’t see ‘MY MESSAGES’ under ‘MyStudent’ then search for that link under “MyStudent 2”.

The system’s default setting is to send messages to the primary contact, so you will need to adjust your settings if you want a secondary contact to receive them.

Although everyone is welcome to eat breakfast in the cafeteria every day, morning arrival on the first week will be different than our usual arrival process in the following ways:

PK and K students will go directly to their classrooms.

1st-5th grades will congregate in the gym until 7:30AM and then be escorted by their teachers to their classrooms. Families may wish to walk them to classes this week, but this can happen only at 7:30AM, not before.

Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding! See you all very soon!

Valerie Borchers, Principal