I have been compiling the list of who is interested in camp that couldn’t get in and there are as many as 7 kids in the same age cohort for the two weeks.  There are as few as a maximum of four for another cohort by week.  If additional camps were offered for either week (June15th and June 22nd), they would be DIFFERENT camps from each other.  We want to let folks know whether we have the interest for additional camps or not very soon so this is a last call. to determine interest.  If you are interested in having your child attend a FABULOUS, partially subsidized tech camp taught in Spanish at Becker for either or both weeks and you have not directly communicated with me already (Perla, Tara, Dan, Celeste, Marisa, Brandi, Rita, Mari, Gissella, Julie, Bridget/Drew), PLEASE DO SO ASAP by EMAILING ME OFFLINE at dtrejo [at] kempsmith.com (dtrejo@ kempsmith.com – remove space).  thanks!

Deb Trejo