If you haven’t been able to contribute yet, you have until this Friday. I am listing our requests below. We now have plenty of non-dairy creamer, so I am taking that off the list. Also, I noticed that even though we have loads of green tea, we are almost out of black tea and chai black tea, so feel free to bring those in in leu of creamer.
Thanks again for all you do to support our wonderful Becker Teachers!

Pre-K: Coffee / Honey

Kinder: Microwave Popcorn / Single Serve Soups

1st Grade: Energy Bars / Granola Bars / Protein Bars

2nd Grade: Bottled Water / San Pellegrino/ Vitamin Water

3rd Grade: Nuts / Almonds/ Raisins/ (Dark) Chocolate/ Trail Mix

4th Grade: Energy Bars / Granola Bars / Protein Bars

5th Grade: Coffee / Honey