Hello Again Becker Families & Friends –  Resending this invite as we really need your help!  
To stress how important reading is, consider that Stephen Krashen, world renowned reading researcher, states that self-selected reading, or reading what you want to read, is responsible for most of our literacy development.  
Help us foster the love for reading in Becker Bobcats by reading books of their choice that may be on or above their grade level.  Share your enthusiasm and help by reading with a student! 
Current dates are Feb 23 – April 30 (May might be added in the future).  
You will be assigned a student and preferrably continue with that student weekly.  Ideally, please commit to a 6 week timeframe.  
Once you sign up you will be contact by Ms. Nunez to confirm your registration and background check with APIE, as is required of all volunteers.
All questions should be directed to Ms. Nunez @ patricia.nunez [at] austinisd.org.
Please sign up at http://vols.pt/GRgpEA