Please join us tomorrow, Thursday October 1st, from 5:30-6pm in the Becker elementary Cafeteria for a 30 minute mini-session on Welcoming Schools for parents.
Dear Becker Parents and Guardians,
The teachers and staff at our school continually strive to create a respectful and supportive 
environment for all students and their families. As part of this effort we have started using the 
Welcoming Schools approach.  Welcoming Schools is based on research that clearly links an 
inclusive school climate with improved academic achievement and social/emotional well-being 
for students. The program is delivered to teachers and staff and focuses on three key areas:
 Embracing Family Diversity. Students identify strongly with their families and need to 
know their families matter.  We want all students and families to feel included and 
welcome at school regardless of who makes up their family.
 Avoiding Gender Stereotyping and Accepting Diverse Gender Identities. Pressure to 
conform to specific gender roles can limit a child’s development by limiting experiences 
and expectations. We believe it is important to allow all students to reach their full 
potential and to feel safe expressing their individuality.
 Ending Name Calling and Bullying. It’s well documented that bullying has a negative 
impact on the academic and social development of all involved—those who are 
targeted, those who are aggressors, and those who witness the bullying. Because 
bullying is usually related to ethnicity, skin color, religion, gender, appearance, 
perceived sexual orientation, or ability, it’s important for schools to talk about these 
issues in order to create a place where everyone is welcomed and accepted.
Simply put, the purpose of Welcoming Schools is to create a safe and welcoming environment 
for all children and their families in order to provide the best education for everyone. We invite 
our entire school community to join us as we address the needs of all students and hope to see 
you at one of our upcoming family/community activities. 
As always, please contact me if you have questions or concerns about your child’s education. 
We are always better when we work together.
Valerie Borchers, Principal