Due to Coronavirus, Pachanga is now happening this Saturday, March 28th at 6pm in YOUR LIVING ROOM!
We are inviting the entire Becker Community to all tune in on Facebook to DJ Mel’s live-streaming Living Room Dance Party from 6pm – 8pm.  
It’s a germ-free, nonstop dance mix for you and your loved ones – all in the safety of your own home. (We will send the link as soon as the FB event has been created.)
Please post messages, photos, or videos to our Becker Elementary Community Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeckerAISD/

Best wishes to everyone in this difficult time. I know we are all finding ourselves in very different situations this week. If you or your family members are sick or missing paychecks or facing other difficulties, there are many people at Becker who want to help. Please reach out using this link for the Becker Mutual Aid Intake form, created by parents. You can also email BeckerMutualAid@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at (512) 387-5243.

Last of all, if you are able, please consider a contribution of any size to the PTA Becker no-fuss fundraiser: https://donorbox.org/sustaining-supporter-of-becker-elementary. Because our spring fundraisers are on indefinite hold, we are in the distressing position of potentially not being able to pay for this year’s school bills that pay for lunch room monitors, substitute teachers, library books, computers, and much much more. At this time, if we put a hold on all payments we are at a deficit of about $25,000. Our school needs your support so please donate if you can.

Thank you!
Shobie Partos, PTA President