Dear Becker Family,


The 4th Annual Pachanga is upon us!  This is arguably one of our most fun events for kids, teachers, and parents alike.  This year we will have a silent auction featuring grade-level sponsored baskets.  If everyone pitches in an item we can create some really wonderful baskets and help reach our fundraising goals. 


Be creative and pick something that you think will fit one of the themes. Please bring your donation to the front office by Tuesday, April 21st



“Chocolate Delight”

“Book Lovers”



“World of Disney”

“Backyard Fun”


1st Grade

“Dog Lovers”

“Gardening Goodness”


2nd Grade

“Family Game Night”

“Afternoon Tea”


3rd Grade

“Leggo My Lego”

“Hair Affair”


4th Grade

“Art Lovers Basket”

“Hot & Spicy”


5th Grade

“Taste of Mexico”

“First Aid”


Thank you to for all the support you give the Becker PTA with your time, creativity, and treasure. 



Deidre Madres

PTA President