We’re excited about getting started with our fall garden classes in the Green Classroom!  We still need some additional volunteers to ensure that every class gets to come to the garden.  The list below shows which classes still lack volunteers.

If your child’s class is listed below, they will not be able to take advantage of their 1 hour / week in the Green Classroom until their class has 2 volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, please consider joining us this Saturday, Sept. 26th, 9am to noon, for a fun and casual Green Classroom volunteer training!  While gardening experience is great, it is not necessary!  We have lots of resources and experienced Garden volunteers to help you!

Classes without a volunteer:  

Kinder (Garcia and Alfaro)

1st (Marroquin)

2nd (Martinez de Campos, Rerucha)

3rd (Dull)

4th (Contreras)

5th (McVerry and Mehta)



Classes needing a second volunteer:


Kinder (Campney)

1st (Howard)

2nd (Pylant)

3rd (Champion)


Thanks to all of our great volunteers who make the Green Classroom program work.  We hope you can join us this Saturday!