Calling all Becker students, teachers, staff and parents!!!!

Join us to celebrate this Cinco de 2015 with a celebration of all things in Spanish. The celebration will be Tuesday May 5th at 8:15am. Presenters can perform acts individually, whole group or in small groups.

Examples of ways to participate are:

* Singing songs

* Dancing songs

* Reciting poems

* Telling jokes

* Doing sketches

* Acting small plays

* Decorating the school

* Presenting short videos.


All presentations need to be in Spanish. Time is limited to 5 minutes. Deadline to register to present is April 14th.If you would like to participate in this celebration by performing or helping decorate the school please fill out the attached form and return to the teacher or email it to the contact information below.

Email contacts


patricia.nunez [at]    or  marcela.sanzblanco [at] (marcela.sanzblanco [at]