Becker Families,
The Becker Library has been closed for cleaning the past week. This is due to mold that was found because of heightened humidity in the library. The mold is not dangerous and precautions were taken to protect the community and library materials.
Thank you for your patience as we figured out next steps. All library books, tables, chairs, surfaces, etc. have been wiped down with an anti-mold cleaner and the carpet is currently being cleaned. If all goes well, we will have a Grand Re-Opening on Wednesday Oct. 10th!
A permanent solution has been found (an industrial dehumidifier installed above the library ceiling) but this will not happen until next summer. In the meantime, we are very appreciative to the Rojo (PreK) family for donating 2 dehumidifiers. We will keep all 3 dehumidifiers emptied as much as possible to help maintain a safe environment.
We appreciate your concern and support!
Minda Anderson, Becker Librarian, & Valerie Borchers, Becker Principal