Becker’s Campus Advisory Council (CAC) is seeking new members for the 2014-15 school year. CACs are committees of parents, students, business and community representatives, teachers, principals, and other campus staff. Specific functions of CACs include providing review and comment on: Campus Educational Program, Campus Performance, Campus Improvement Plan, Campus Staff Development Plan, Campus-Level Waiver Requests to the State, and Campus Budget. The mission of CACs is to promote excellence in education for all students through broad-based representation. CACs provide valuable input to principals, who ultimately have decision-making responsibility for their campuses.  Becker’s CAC meets one per month.  If you would be interested in applying to serve on the CAC, please contact CAC Co-Chairs Ileana Abounader, parent, ily.abounader [at] (ily.abounader [at], or Dora Lopez, 1st grade teacher,dora.a.lopez [at] (dora.a.lopez [at]