What’s Happenin’ at the Becker Library?

This summer has been a fantastic time for the Becker library! We celebrated our wonderful librarian Sue George’s retirement and welcomed new librarian Minda Anderson (former Becker Dual Language 1st grade teacher). She is coming to the position as a bilingual professional with lots of ideas and excitement!

Several projects are in the works as we prepare for the new school year. We had a workday on Saturday August 10th to shelve the Spanish collection in with English books. This will help with the efficient finding of books in both languages for the community! A huge thanks goes out to volunteers Mita and Sunil Patel, Dora López, Melissa Sternberg, Mona and Andrew Nafziger, Aleshia and Eavan Bonilla, Maria and Olivia Hexsel, Mari Boren, Margaret Anderson, and Laura Howard.

Come on by the library when you have time this year…great things are happening!