See below for tour dates!

Students from throughout Austin Independent School District and outside of AISD are welcome to become part of Becker's exceptional Dual Language program. Becker's outstanding program and vibrant community have drawn numerous transfer families from throughout Austin, as well as families from within the neighborhood.

  •  Becker is an two-way dual language elementary school serving grades Pre-K through 5 in Austin ISD.
  •  Becker provides a challenging learning environment with many opportunities to stimulate children's minds, including maker spaces in every classroom.
  •  The two-way Dual Language program involves students who speak English and Spanish as their first languages together in the same classroom, which allows students to learn to read, write and think in two languages.
  •  English-speaking children in Dual Language classrooms outperform English-speaking students not in Dual Language programs on all academic tests, including tests of reading and writing in English.
  •  The Dual Language program is free for children who live throughout the District but there is no transportation. For children not qualifying for free tuition in pre-K, there are tuition spots available for pre-K.
  •  Becker has excellent after-school programming.
  •  Becker also has a Chicken Coop and the Green Classroom where children learn science through interactions with their environment.
  • Becker is part of the innovative Creative Learning Initiative in Austin ISD, which uses the arts to teach curriculum.
  •  Becker is part of the Social Emotional Learning Program in Austin ISD, which teaches children skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts and be happier!
  • Becker is just south of the river near S. 1st and Oltorf on 906 W. Milton St.


Becker Elementary School is offering campus tours for its amazing Dual Language program, which will begin accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year. Becker is an amazing school where students work to become bi-literate and bicultural in an enriched academic program, engage in project-based learning, build conflict resolution skills, learn through the arts, gardening and more. Becker has lots of spaces for kids from pre-K through 5th grade.  Becker is located at 906 W. Milton in South-Central Austin (close to S. 1st and Oltorf). 

Tours will be on the following days at Becker at 906 W. Milton St.:

Wed., Dec. 13th 4:30 pm

Thurs., Jan. 11th 5 pm (PTA/maker night 5:30 pm)

Fri. Jan. 19th 8 am

Fri. Jan. 26th 8 am

Application deadline: Jan. 31st 3 pm.

Please bring the following documents when registering your child:

  •  Birth Certificate
  •  Up-to- date Vaccination card
  •  Proof of Income
  • Proof of residency
  •  Photo identification of mother, father or legal guardian

Don't miss this opportunity!

Call (512) 414-2019 or email enrollment [at] beckerelementary.com to connect with a member of Becker's PTA Enrollment Committee.