Box Tops

Join us in collecting Box Tops for Education!  You have probably seen the image below on some of the products you already buy!   There are hundreds of participating products.  Each time you see one of these graphics, cut it out and send it to Becker, we earn $.10 for the school.  It's that easy!

Collect Box Tops for Education for Becker Elementary School!

Here's how you can help in this free and easy fundraiser:

  1. Cut out Box Tops for Education off the products you already buy. Bring cut tops to Becker!


  1. Tape your Box Tops for Education (10 per page) to one of these fun box top collection pages or any white paper.  Bring these pages to Becker!



  1. Tell your co-workers, friends and family that you are saving Box Tops and ask them to collect them for us too.  Bring them to Becker!



  1. Go to and find the Marketplace.  Shop online through this marketplace to get 2-4 coupons per $10 spent!  There are hundreds of shops here that give eBox Tops.  Some of the shops include Oriental Trading, Land’s End, Boden, Cabela’s and Best Buy.  Bring your eBoxTops to Becker!


So many ways to help!  Start clipping! No matter how you get your box tops, the only way for Becker to get the funds is if you Bring them to Becker! There are collection envelopes with each teacher, and another is on the PTA bulletin board by the courtyard entrance doors.  There are spare collection sheets (10 Box Tops to a page) in the envelope on the PTA bulletin board if you need them.