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Becker PTA Nominating Committee Report

The Nomination Committee is pleased to announce that we have slated the following candidates for the 2015-2016 School Year Becker PTA Board:
President-Amanda Longtain
1st Vice President-Olivia O'Neal

Pachanga necesitan voluntarios


Pachanga Volunteers Needed!


Accounting Skills Wanted!

Are you good with numbers?  Do you dream of spreadsheets?  Then we've got a job for you!  The PTA Board needs a Treasurer for next year and it could be YOU!  


Pachanga! Grade Level Sponsored Basket Items Needed

Dear Becker Family,


The 4th Annual Pachanga is upon us!  This is arguably one of our most fun events for kids, teachers, and parents alike.  This year we will have a silent auction featuring grade-level sponsored baskets.  If everyone pitches in an item we can create some really wonderful baskets and help reach our fundraising goals. 


Be creative and pick something that you think will fit one of the themes. Please bring your donation to the front office by Tuesday, April 21st




Cinco de Mayo

¡Invitamos a todos los estudiantes, maestros, personal y padres de familia de Becker a participar!

Acompáñenos a celebrar el Cinco de Mayo de 2015 con una celebración de actos en español. La celebración tendrá lugar el 5 de mayo a las 8:15 am. Los participantes pueden presentar actos individuales, en grupos grandes o en grupos pequeños.

Ejemplos de maneras de participar:

* Cantando canciones

* Bailando canciones

* Recitando poemas

* Contando chistes

* Haciendo un sketch.

* Actuando obras pequeñas.

* Decorando la escuela.


Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Calling all Becker students, teachers, staff and parents!!!!

Join us to celebrate this Cinco de 2015 with a celebration of all things in Spanish. The celebration will be Tuesday May 5th at 8:15am. Presenters can perform acts individually, whole group or in small groups.

Examples of ways to participate are:

* Singing songs

* Dancing songs

* Reciting poems

* Telling jokes

* Doing sketches

* Acting small plays

* Decorating the school

* Presenting short videos.



Nominations for the PTA Elected Board for the 2015-2016 School Year

Becker Bobcat Community,
We are now accepting nominations for officers for the Becker PTA Board for the 2015-2016 School Year.
The Nominations Form is here: 

Registro Estudiantil

Para inscribirse para el año escolar 2015-2016: